The Seminary of Our Lady High School, Saligao - Pilerne was instituted way back in 1952.  It is situated on the Saligao-Pilerne border plateau.  Around 100 inmates live in this house.  The school is a residential school catering to the needs of the boys of Goa. The vast campus of the Seminary of Lady High School, comprises of barren and rocky areas, having bare minimum of 40 -50  cms of soil cover.  Several attempts were made to bring the campus under a green cover, however the said efforts were successful to a small extent, due to the paucity of water. Thus, efforts were needed to develop this area in a green garden using some scientific approach. To this effect, the Department of Science, Technology & Environment, Saligao, Goa was approached to seek financial as also technical know how for this project so as to  adopt Rain Water Harvesting Approach. Accordingly the request to seek the GIA was considered favorably and an amount of Rs.8,65,629/- (Rupees Eight lakhs Sixty-five thousand, six hundred twenty-nine only) was released as the Phase - I of the project.   The said funds have been effectively utilized for the said purpose. Based on the said technical expertise and grants released, around two hectares of mango orchard plantations with 120 mango grafts have been undertaken and developed along with 500 cashew grafts on the slopes as contemplated in the proposal.  In addition, channels on the hillock have been developed to arrest the rain water and the water is harnessed in an artificial tank created under the project. The following water and soil conservation measures have been adopted SOIL & WATER CONSERVATION  ACTIVITIES Sr No.   Particulars          Size                                         Number             Area Covered 1            Bandaras           varying         2            Trenches           45 x 45cms x 20 mts             5     3            Sunken Pond    Diameter of 20 mts               1     4            Jalkund              35 x 24 x 3.8 mts                    1     5            Cashew             Plantation                                500                  4 hectares 6            Mango                 Plantation                                150                 2 hectares